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Ask Judge Smith – Two-Sided Pancakes

Q. Judge Smith, why do plaintiffs and prosecutors always go first at trial? That does not seem fair to defendants.  – Thank you, Maria. A. Maria, before I answer your question, let’s cover some essentials. Plaintiffs sue defendants in civil lawsuits, and prosecutors bring charges against defendants in criminal cases.  Although both sides take turns…


Ask Judge Smith – A sea change for lawyers

Q. Judge Smith, how has law practice changed since you started?  A. I became a lawyer in 1987. As a newbie, my boss tasked me with legal research, writing, and reviewing documents that the parties had produced for lawsuits. Let’s compare how I did that work then and now.  Nineteen-Hundred-and-Eighty-Seven 1987 was nearing the end…


Ask Judge Smith – An Accidental Lawyer

Question: “Judge Smith, did you always aspire to be a lawyer?” – Sally No, I did not. Allow me to explain how it happened. My late father, Frank D. Smith was a hard worker and a problem solver. When he graduated from high school, he aspired to go to college. However, his parents couldn’t afford…

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