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Tour Gadsden County while cycling in the Havana Hills Spring Classic – Funds raised will go to development of bike trail between Havana and Tallahassee

“The spring classic is like the first big ride of the season,” said Ann Kozeliski, director of Havana Main Street. “After the cold weather has calmed down, it’s really something you can look forward to.” The annual Havana Hills Spring Classic ride is returning to Havana this weekend, with its several options of cycling tours…


Tallahassee Highland Games to bring Scottish culture, athletics, and history to Leon County this February 11-12

The Tallahassee Highland Games and Scottish Festival are back! After a 12 year hiatus, the new Tallahassee games is returning to Leon County, bringing with it a taste of Scotland’s history, athletics, and culture during a two-day weekend in February. The highlight of any highland game is the athletic demonstrations and competitions, and the Tallahassee…

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