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QPD celebrates National Police Week

The Quincy Police Department recently celebrated National Police Week by hosting a week full of events, all aimed at remembering those lost in the line of duty while celebrating and honoring those who continue to serve on the frontline of public safety. National Police Week was from Sunday, May 14 – Saturday May, 20. Officers…


Tammie Sykes

Tammie Sykes knows dispatching. For just under 20 years, Sykes has either dispatched or taught dispatching in Gadsden County. She got her start at the Quincy Police Department as a mother of a young child. Sykes says she was looking for full-time employment that fit her scheduled needs as a parent, and someone informed her…


Havana Town Councilman arrested on felony charge – Council postpones discussion of Decorkus Allen’s potential suspension

On Wednesday, February 22, the Havana Town Council met under an emergency meeting regarding the potential removal of a board member – DeCorkus Allen. According to documents listed on the Gadsden Clerk of the Court website, Allen had been arrested by officers with the Quincy Police Department on February 17 on charges related to felony…

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