The 2023 Munroe Bobcats have a young team this year – They may be a young team this year but the exceptions are to see winning results next season

With just five games into the 2023 baseball season the Robert F. Munroe Bobcats team is just getting started! Head Baseball Coach Greg Mullins is working with a young athletic team this year of several seventh, eighth, and ninth graders on the roster.

The young Bobcats are weighted down with four losses and only one win so far but there are still eight games scheduled for the season.

Their first game was held in Tallahassee where they played against the Florida A&M University Baby Rattlers baseball team and lost by an eight-point margin of 2-10. There is no doubt they will be ready to play the Baby Rattlers again on April 6 at their home field and try to claim a comeback win.

The Bobcats lost two more games, one against the St. Paul II Panthers who already have five wins thus far and a much older age group of athletes on their roster. They also lost against the Godby Cougars who hold a list of mostly losses this year. 

The Bobcats will have another chance to turn those losses around and possibly regain wins against those two teams toward the end of this month.

When working with a young team more losses than wins are normal but lookout next year because the Bobcats are confident they will be practiced up and ready to rack up wins after getting warmed up this year.

If interested in attending with a show of support for the team, the Bobcats next home game will be held on March 30 at 4 p.m. 

Patricia Smith – Gadsden County News Service


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