Twin City Brewery opens its doors in Chattahoochee – Family-owned brewery celebrates hometown roots in Sneads and Chattahoochee

“I’ve always liked to cook….and we’ve always liked visiting breweries,” said Cliff Thames, one half of the ownership at Twin City Brewery, the newest business to open its doors in downtown Chattahoochee. 

Thus starts the brewery’s creation story – a love for good cooking and good beer. A Chattahoochee native, Cliff and his wife, Andria, live just over the river in Sneads, and as a native of the area, Cliff understands the deep ties that connect Chattahoochee and Sneads together – thus the name of the brewery: Twin City, named for both little towns on either sides of the river. 

“I was born in Chattahoochee, right at the clinic, but we live in Sneads and we love both of the towns,” said Cliff Thames. 

For fans of the brewery scene, Twin City Brewery will be a little different than the usual brewery; primarily, the deeply family-oriented atmosphere of Twin City Brewery influences every aspect of the Thames’ business model. 

“We are family-run,” said Cliff. 

“It doesn’t matter if you are a baby, or 100-years-old, everybody is welcome,” adds Andria. 

The business is ran by Cliff and Andria and their adult children and daughter-in-law, and at any given time, Cliff says they may have any of their eight grandchildren running around the brewery too. 

“It’s family oriented here. We wanted a place where kids can play at the checker tables, tic-tac-toe tables, or at our coloring book table in the back,” said Cliff. “We want people to come in, sit down, have a meal, have a beer, and be able to bring their kids.” While Chattahoochee has two sports bars already, Cliff says his selection of craft beer varieties sets Twin City Brewery apart. 

“No one else carries the flavors and variety that I carry,” he says. “The food is a little different, too.” 

But above all else, Andria said it is the couple’s deep-rooted connection to Chattahoochee that give Twin City a flavor unlike the rest.

“It’s [Cliff’s] service, his hometown care,” that Andria says is unlike anything folks can get anywhere else. 

Twin City Brewery has 18 beers on tap, as well as a wine selection for those who don’t find their taste buds tingling at the thought of craft beer. 

All of Twin City Brewery’s beer selections come from local, or small-scale craft breweries. 

For food, the brewery has a full menu that is flush with phillies, burgers, chicken, steak, and no brewery would be complete without side orders of pickles and fries. Additionally, the brewery has a full salad bar, and is able to offer to-go orders of food for those who want to bring dinner home, or grab a bite at lunch. 

The brewery held a soft-opening on February 14, just in time for Valentine’s Day steaks, but proudly celebrated an official grand opening and ribbon cutting on Saturday, April 15. The grand opening was celebrated with a community turn-out, including county and city officials, and members of Chattahoochee Main Street. 

Despite being officially open for service, Cliff says the brewery still has a lot in the works; he will be working with another brewery to get the Chattahoochee brewery set up to manufacture their own beer. 

From there, Cliff said he will be developing a special house flavor, as well as circulating seasonal flavors. 

Twin City Brewery is located at 410 West Washington Street in Downtown Chattahoochee. 

The brewery is open Monday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., and then from 4-10 p.m. 

To call ahead for to-go orders, the brewery’s phone number is (850) 663-2120.

Ashley Hunter  – Gadsden County News Service


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