Youth night out in Gadsden County

Held on the evening of Nov. 1 on the Courthouse Square, the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office 

Youth Night Out served as a follow-up to the previously held Youth Round-Up.

Holding with the same Christian, faith-based mission as the previous event, the Youth Night-Out served as a lively, musical, and exciting event for the children and teens of Gadsden. Pizza, hot dogs, chips, and juice drinks were provided from various benefactors and local services.

Along a sidewalk heading towards the courthouse, various businesses and treats were se up for youth and their guardians, for the assistance and learning as well as supplemental learning in the form of free books and literature. Programs and businesses along the walk included Panhandle Area Educational Consortium [PAEC], Denson Deserts, Our Community Our Health, Boystown of North Florida, and the DJ Demp Foundation.

One of the benefactors of the event was Loyalty Credit Union, who helped provide food to the crowds during the youth night out.

“We are proud to forging a partnership with the Gadsden County Sherrif’s Department,” said Terrance L. Barber, Director of Community Development at Loyalty Credit Union. “We are now in the works of restarting the D.A.R.E. Program in the elementary schools and be the sole sponsor of the endeavor. Historically, we

have supported the first responder community and Gadsden County.”

Throughout the night, various speakers touched on the importance of youth and being raised correctly in order to achieve success, growth, and fulfillment in one’s adult life.

Speakers and figures there that evening included Sheriff Morris A. Young, Pastor Thomas from Thomas

Memorial Baptist Church, Commissioner Ron Green, and Superintendent Elijah Key, Jr. amongst others.

One of the speakers was a musical producer known by the moniker O.G., who has been associated with such icons as Floyd Mayweather, who spoke at length on his past trials and tribulations.

“I’m here for a purpose,” said O.G, “and that’s what life is about. Life is about understanding what you’re here to do, and to be comfortable doing it. You can’t win if you’re constantly watching from side to side… the next time you’re watching a horse race, look at the horses’ eyes – they use blinders, so the horse can look straight, right at the prize.”

A sole Sheriff’s Star Award–awarded to exemplary young figures who have positively impacted the lives of other young people in and around Gadsden County– was awarded to Sam Morales, whilst other youth figures and athletes with roots in Gadsden were also recognized. 

Door prize tickets were handed out to all attendants of the event, and prizes were given throughout the evening, including brand new studio ring-lights and a grill for cooking.

Musical selections were provided by DJ King Green, a local Gadsden County native.

“I love it, I am a part of this too, and, of course, want to give back to Gadsden County,” DJ King Green said. This is even where I got my start, in the Marching Band at Shanks High School. That was over 20 years ago for me, but the lessons then gave me my love for music that has continued until this day and helped dissuade me from bad habits, to make the right decisions overall.”

Two major performances were put on by, firstly, the Gadsden County High School cheerleaders, and, secondly, the Gadsden County Recreational Program’s youth cheerleading group. 

Rubén Darío Uribe – Gadsden County News Service


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