Daily Archives: January 9, 2020


Lions add splash of color to dreary hospital holidays

It’s rare that Floridians experience a white Christmas, and 2019 proved no exception. Not “white,” perhaps, but for young patients at Studer Family Children’s Hospital in Pensacola, at least, this past Christmas was as colorful as they come –  thanks in large part to the Chattahoochee Lions Club. On December 21, members of the local…


Boy bags beast

Countless environmental studies have bemoaned the devastation and destruction wild, feral hogs have wrought upon Florida’s priceless, fragile ecosystems. From saw palmetto scrub to wetlands to upland pine stands and every habitat in between, these non-native omnivore generalists are wreaking havoc from Pensacola to Jacksonville, and all the way down to the southernmost tip of…

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