Florida Legislators’ Astounding Ignorance Risks Trans Welfare

“We’re not problems that need to be fixed. We just live in a society that needs to be enlightened.” (Emily Quinn, intersex educator)

One more time, Florida legislators, “sex” is a continuum. As demonstrated in a large Israeli study (Daphna Joel; Tel Aviv University. AP and The Times of Israel staff. Dec 2, 2015. Sex beyond the genitalia; the human brain mosaic) only six percent of humans are purely male or purely female. The other ninety-four percent possess both male and female attributes.

Until about eight weeks in the womb every brain exists as a female brain. Then testosterone begins to be produced, bathing the developing brain. Depending on the level of testosterone, the brain becomes a male brain, a female brain, or somewhere in-between. Varying concentrations of testosterone that bathe the brain in utero are at the core of why we see so much variation among us beautiful human beings.

If you are a Florida legislator, please reread the above paragraph and refer to the referenced article so you may come to recognize that any legislation involving sexual identity can easily reflect ignorance that is guaranteed to damage people’s lives.

On sports and trans…For goodness sake, just assign based on sports ability.

On bathrooms…There has been no problem historically, so why are we bullying?  Leave it alone.

Decent legislation requires education. All Florida legislators should study the above referenced article, teach others, and be nice to everyone, especially the vulnerable.

Rick SoskisHavana, Fla.


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