Letter to the Editor

Editor’s note: This letter to the editor was submitted for the Nov. 09 edition of The Havana Herald but was not published due to an editor’s error. 

Dear editor,

Serving the Country was a duty I did not hesitate to accept. It was an honor to contribute to making the

Country safe for my family, other families and Americans as a whole. My sacrifice was not the only sacrifice that took on this challenge. My family has dedicated more than 150 years of service and continue to serve the United States Armed Forces. Those in my family who served include.

Louis Zanders Sr. Retired – 36 years: Navy/Army National Guard (Chief Warrant Officer-3)

Larry Zanders Retired – 25 years: Army /Army National Guard (Staff Sargeant)

Curtis Zanders Retired – 21 years: Navy /Navy Reserves (Petty Officer First Class)

Joseph Zanders Retired – 13.5 years: Navy (Petty Officer Third Class)

James Zanders 2.5 years United States Marine Corp (Lance Corporal)

Louis Zanders Jr. Retired – 22 years: Army / Army National Guard/Reserves (Master Sargeant)

Ronald Haywood Retired – 30 years: Army /Army National Guard (Sargeant First Class)

Ronterreal Zanders Retired – 20 years: Army (Staff Sargeant)

Shaneka Zanders Active – 20 years: Army (Sargeant First Class)

Roderick Zanders Jr. Active – 6.5 years: Navy (Petty Officer Second Class)

I want to give a special salute to my family members who served and all others who served and continue to serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Happy Veteran’s Day. Louis T. Zanders Sr.


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