Letter to the editor – Does the “rule of law” matter?

We don’t need to look any further than the vehicle speeding up behind us or passing us at above the speed limit to see that we have a huge problem with appreciating the importance of “rule of law” in our country. Law, and its abeyance, is the glue that has held us together for a long time, but that glue is obviously losing its integrity, as seen on the highways. When I was a kid there was no better entertainment than sitting in the back seat watching the speedometer as my dad drove. As a physician he understood that speeding kills people. He knew that speed limits were set in any given spot because of the risks in that area, and he had great respect for the safety of those around him. In other words, he cared. When kids observe our speed and compare it to posted limits that demonstrate speeding…as in breaking the law…they learn that laws don’t matter. Does anyone wonder whether such infractions could be connected to the not-so-crazy thought that our society is crumbling. Glue counts! It starts in the back seat. Teach integrity. Please obey all speed limits!

Rick Soskis, Havana


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