LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Hey America, had enough yet?

Will Americans ever recognize the danger that is the neglected male child who grows up to take back what he thinks is owed to him by society by slaughtering innocent people?

Numerous and increasing mass shootings and lack of immediately effective action by legislators at all levels is a very sorry tale. America must do better, and fast, by electing thinking, unselfish legislators every time an election provides the opportunity.

Besides electing people who actually want to end this metastatic cancer, it seems that every gun-owning male below the age of fifty should be subject to an annual background check, including a psychiatric exam, to help end this scourge. I volunteer to be the first in line. No exam and background check means no ammunition or gun purchase. No one can be sure following such checks that an individual may later, even that very day, go on a rampage, but this would surely save a significant number of lives. We have no choice but to be relentlessly assertive about this.

Had enough yet? Let’s roll, America! Elect sane, caring legislators at all levels, and use the red flag law!

Rick Soskis – Havana


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