Letter To The Editor – Speaking of Religion

Everyone is an individual with different opinions about everything. I have always been and forever will be an “out of the box” thinker who believes that it’s OK to “not know”, and who enjoys thinking about the reality of things without pinning reasons on an imaginary figure (God).

I worry that a lot of our problems come from people’s propensity to stop thinking once they have found their answer in God. What bothers me most, though, is the horrible world-wide history of hatred and death resulting from people’s ingrained religious beliefs implicitly instructing that they are right and others are wrong, with twisted beliefs in religion often being involved in killing. I understand that most do not see religion this way. Regardless, we could all benefit from, “In Reason We Trust”.

Religion involves a different level of thinking. To those who believe that we should not discuss religion at this level, I say maybe we should…Maybe our world would not be going so seemingly nuts if we all brought our thoughts to the table and created some worldwide understanding. Until then…well…we’ll keep hating and killing each other.

The “Golden Rule” holds no prejudice. Let’s use it!

Rick Soskis, Havana


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